Youtube Advertising

You can’t!

Youtube forbids cash gifting videos.

I advertise my cash gifting opportunity on Yahoo Videos. So far, so good.

Here’s how to advertise cash gifting using videos.

Keep It Short

Short and sweet wins here. Most viewers tell me they prefer the short and punchy nature of my videos.

3 minutes tops. Anything over and the attention span goes.

Unless you give off unreal energy it’s difficult to command an audience with anything over 3 minutes.

Some of my cash gifting videos are under 30 seconds. Short, sweet and to the point.

You can’t delve into cash gifting too deeply anyway. Outside of a few basic definitions in gifting it’s tough to shoot a full length motion picture. Hey Scorcese, enough already!

Light On The Hype, Heavy On The Facts

Tell me, how does me counting hundred dollar bills benefit you?

Teaching you HOW to generate cash so that you can count the Benjies benefits you. It’s why I offer a Free 21 Day Marketing Boot Camp before you even decide to pledge a cash gift.

I’ve learned that each kind, valuable act is prospered. The more freely I give – no strings attached – the more I’m prospered.

Of course I want you on my cash gifting team. To learn more click on the link in the resource box and I’ll send you email updates of my Boot Camp along with a free tour of The People’s Program.

As for as the cash counting crowd, if that’s all they have to offer I let karma deal with them.

Even if you part a fool from their money look out! Karma is always in effect. Try to cheat someone and watch how quickly you experience the negative bounce back effect.

You can’t fool the universe.

Doctor Up Your Description Box

The description box should be treated like a resource box.

Include a link to your blog.

Leave a short description of the video. Also leave a key word or phrase to benefit your video’s SEO.

Take time in crafting the box so that prospects are drawn to what you have to offer.

Figuring out how to advertise cash gifting is not brain surgery. No product to sell here, no service to describe. Convey the message of paying it forward and you can prosper.