Business Social Network

Business social networking is not a fad. In fact, social network marketing is one of the most exciting ways for businesses to promote their ideas, products or services.

Studies reveal that, while people may trust direct advertisements, more than five times as many people would act upon a product recommendation from a friend or acquaintance instead.

This is where social business networking shows its power. It enables word-of-mouth advertising to spread over the Internet through networks of people all over the globe. If people like the information that you share or the products that you sell…they will tell their friends. With online social networking, that could reach a large number of people very quickly.

Free social networking services such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter can be amazing marketing tools if you use them effectively to promote your business.

Traditional Networking

Think of it in terms of old fashioned networking:

Old Fashioned Networking

It used to be that you could network with business associates and friends. Then you needed to rely on them to spread the word to their friends and associates. This word-of-mouth advertising took a long time and could reach a limited number of people.

Most companies needed to supplement this with a lot of paid advertising just to get the word out.

Online Social Networking Changes Everything

Social Networking Globe With today’s online social networks, you could post an idea to thousands of friends and followers and they could forward the post to the people who are friends or follow them.

Your idea could reach tens of thousands of people all over the globe within a very short period of time…without spending a dime.

Reason enough to get started?

Chad Stevens
ProfitPlus1219, Staff Writer