Network Marketing Tools


Network marketing can be very handy to someone; it also can be a waste of time or even worse, the stupid idea of the century. So, if you do not want your network marketing to come to vain, selecting the right tool is essential.

The main goal for network marketing is to help one person to leverage their most precious property – time. The most significant tool which helps most in this prospect is the website, and sometime it even comes with zero cost.

With Facebook, Twitter, blogspots, WordPress and the like, advertising helps you to reach people around the world, and make those people knowing you and your company. In Facebook alone, we can see so many contests that determine the winner with a vote. This brilliant idea significantly increases the attention from potential customers of the new or existing company.

Second effective tool is autoresponder email.  Maintaining your relationship with customers definitely needs someone to get feedback on customer needs.  However, there are times that we have the difficulty in replying to emails or get busy on other events. To prevent customers from getting irritated waiting for a reply, an autoresponder email could do us a favor.

Another network marketing tool is creating your own website and domain to advertise the details of your service or products. You can even introduce your product or service in a more interactive way, where people can enjoy your website series of attractive picture, detailed description, product/service information, contact, Q&A and so on. This surely can be done, even if you are still dreaming in your comfort bedroom.

Next is by using media.

Various media such as radio, newspaper, magazines or your own brochures or catalogs is a fast and most effective way to let people remember the product or service you are selling. A high demand products or service such as household products, foods, spa or eateries are recommended to advertise in television or radio as this can form interest in all types of people.

Example like Cosway, Carrefour, or Tupperware grow their network marketing with their own catalog and earns member points to attract more customers. The idea of earning member points and let your customer become your downline has been effectively applied in various hypermarkets and products & services nowadays. The idea of creating a team environment like membership could maintain the bond between customers and your company.

An important tool will be the accountability in you. Contact your customers for feedback or opinion as this is a great way to ‘care’ mentality of your customers and you will definitely lock in the loyalty of your customers.  Effective conversation plays an important role in development of long lasting relationships and establishes your trust value and credibility.

There is no jump start in building your network as it needs months to years to gain popularity. Network marketers have to give full and constant performance in order to get good ranking.


Chad Stevens
ProfitPlus1219, Staff Writer