Internet Marketing Strategies


Internet marketing strategy consists of having a step by step strategy using tools of the trade like websites, learning SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, keyword research, email marketing, affiliate marketing, video marketing, article marketing, anchor texts, back linking, autoresponders. So on and so on. Wow! That’s why you need an internet marketing strategy.

Sounds complicated, it can be if you do not plan your steps and carry them out.

One word you must ELIMINATE from your vocabulary immediately – TRY-
As soon as you say, “I’m going to try” you’ve already admitted you’re probably going to quit, either commit to doing something or don’t, don’t kid yourself.

There is no such thing as FAILURE. Failure only occurs if it is the last time you are going to try. If one strategy fails, you learned one way not to go, you pick up and start again.

Have you invested in your education? Do you make excuses as to why you can’t afford additional training or do you find a way? The person that is making five times as much as his fellow marketers is a more aggressive learner.

Don’t get stuck in the black hole of learning, apply the knowledge you gain, it will create wealth for you. This is one of the best Internet marketing strategies.

The fastest way to become successful is to implement your skills and ideas quickly. It’s called speed of implementation.

Minimize the time between when you get a new idea or strategy and the time when you put it into action. Stop thinking, start doing. If you’re thinking about doing something, DO IT. Make this part of your internet marketing strategy

Websites should be Blog sites. Because they are the same thing, a blog is just an easy to manage a website. Outsource your blog site; it will save many hours of work and lower your stress level.

Research and read and partake in all of the free training and modules that you can on keyword research. There is plenty of free training out their. Google’s adword keyword tool, Word Tracker, Firefox and many more. Just put keyword research into any search engine. Proper keyword research is the key to everything you do in Internet marketing.

SEO- search engine optimization, comes from having your articles, videos, press releases, social media, social bookmarking, and other peoples blogs all linking back to each other and to your blog site. This gets you credibility as far as the search engines are concerned.

Using automated services for distributing your videos, articles, to like sites, and blog sites, and social sites, is key. Search for these companies that provide these services. There are companies for videos like Traffic Geyser, that distributes your videos and also your articles to many other credible sites. Linkvanna is another company to use to distribute your content to many highly credible sites, by creating one way permanent back links to untapped blogs with great page rank. Neither one of these companies are free but they offer a very time saving service. Putting these services to work is part of your internet marketing strategy.

Chad Stevens
ProfitPlus1219, Staff Writer