Internet Marketing Plan


To be successful, the first step is to create a plan. Knowing where and how to reach a goal seems like common sense but an overwhelming number of businesses fail to do this step.

There are four steps in developing a good internet marketing plan:

1. Be clear on what you want to accomplish
2. Know what vehicles for internet promotion are available
3. Understand the competition
4. Understand the Prospects

Be Clear on Goals

The first step is to decide the aim of the online marketing plan. The tasks that you want to achieve, do you want to give information, provide services or sell products, etc. have to be made clear. It may also include decisions regarding creation of online community, the budget planning for online marketing, clear goals and budget makes the end result more practical and profitable.

There are two methods for developing a good plan. The first approach is to decide which tactics can work the best for the business in terms of manpower available, money, budget etc. These considerations can have a huge impact on implementation of any marketing plan. The second and more classical approach to marketing planning is to establish your goals and develop a plan for the best chance of success to reach those goals.

Tactics that cannot be implemented are discarded in the plan, either intentionally or unintentionally. The first method is known as “bottom up” planning and the second is “top down” planning. Both methods work but it is up to the business owner to discover which method works best in their situation.

Know the Choices

Again it seems like common sense, but many business owners only have a limited knowledge of the many promotional opportunities available on the Internet.

Marketing plans aren’t made overnight. They require a great deal of research and planning to get results.

Understand the Competition

This step is out of order from the method taught by many marketing courses but the truth is that competitors may have been working on implementing their marketing plans far longer and have likely worked out some of the “kinks” in their marketing plan. Determining what has been successful for them is likely to produce similar or better results by only slightly improving upon their plan.

Understand Potential Customers Decision Making Process

Knowing how your target market makes decisions online is the backbone of any Internet Marketing Plan. Assuming that the market follows the same decision process online as off is a mistake. They don’t. Any good internet marketing plan must begin with this understanding of the process. This process should not affect the goals but should certainly affect the implementation of the plan.

Chad Stevens
ProfitPlus1219, Staff Writer